Blacksmith Forging a Viking Arm Ring

I forge a Viking Arm ring in this video! Got a rather nasty scale burn on this one but that wont stop me. Pain is all in the mind. :)

These arm rings are for sale. The price is 30$ + shipping.
Contact me and we can set something up.

Arm rings were very important to the Vikings, they signified a coming of age for Viking boys and were a cherished possession given to them by their Jarl. They were typically ornate, gold or silver wrapped around an iron core. In return for this gift the boy would swear allegiance to the Jarl. There is much more to learn about arm rings I definitely recommend reading up on them.
Viking culture is bloody cool.

I am just learning, if you see something i could have done better please let me know in the comments below so myself and other people learning can gain from your knowledge.

Thanks for watching.

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Post time: 04-24-2017