Forged in Fire: Bonus: Worst Injuries – Part 2 (Season 3, Episode 10) | History

Most of the tools in the forge want to scrape, cut, or burn you. The “Forged in Fire” bladesmiths trade the stories of their worst forging wounds and the mistakes that they’ll only make once in this web exclusive. #ForgedInFire

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Forged in Fire
Season 3
Episode 10
Zulu Iklwa

In each stand alone episode, four new contestants battle it out in a quest to prove they can build a particular weapon better than anyone else–and they’re doing it by hand. This is the show that turns the craftsmanship, legend and excitement of weapons-building into an against-the-clock battle of wits, resourcefulness, and ingenuity.

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Post time: 05-04-2017