How to Fix Car Oil Leak – Replace Hydraulic Steering Gearbox. Part 4/4

Finally at last we complete the oil seal replace process by installing the saginaw steering gearbox to the vehicle frame rail. Removing the saginaw steering hydralic gearbox is a must when replacing putman arm shaft oil seal. Most saginaw gear box will require two shaft seal for the pitman arm. The saginaw gearbox transfer the rotating action of a shaft(steering wheel) into linar(left & right) movement to one side or the another with the hydraulic oil system assisting power(force). The oil for the saginaw hydralic gearbox system must be replace at every 100,000 mile or 10 yrs.. The system can incooperate oil cooling unit(heat exchanger) for from endurance. The video show how to replace the saginaw steering gearbox for the 2003 Nissan Frontier D22 model, Some explanation on fitment plus torque numbers and sequence. Most information on what to look for and how to reduce system failure.

These intergral power(assist) steering gears have a control valve which direct oil to either side of the rack piston. The rack piston converts hydraulic power into mechanical force. This force is transmitted to the mating pitman shaft teeth, through the pitman shaft to the steering linkage.

Thank you. Please consult a professional before proceeding to do any automotive repair and service. Failure to do so may end in costly loses and personal injury.

Post time: 04-14-2017