Jaguar Scissors – Hand-Made in Germany

Capello & Jaguar bring you the most innovative technology in the hair industry.

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Scissors are one of the most important tools of a hairdresser. During a haircut, the blades open and close up to 1000 times. JAGUAR scissors are manufactured according to strict quality standards to make cutting an activity as relaxing as possible for the hairdresser:

Selection of high-grade stainless steels
An optimum ergonomic design
Smooth running, sharpness and handiness

For production, JAGUAR uses state-of-the-art computer-controlled machines. However, even today the manual work of specialists is indispensable: More than 120 working cycles including several quality checks are carried out for each pair of scissors. A staff of 120 people produces 2,500 to 3,000 pairs of scissors in Solingen every day.

In the forging process the drop hammer gives the valuable steel the first contour of hairdressing scissors.

The teeth for a pair of thinning scissors are milled even before hardening.

The screw holes are punched and drilled in a fully automated process at the round table.

During the next step the forged blank is hardened. To this effect, it is heated to up to 1050° C.

The ICE- or – especially with Jaguar – the Friodur® deep freezing process with up to -180° C improves the steel structure, thus increasing the steel’s wear resistance. This picture shows how the scissors’ parts are being taken out of the cold chamber.

Then the hardened blades undergo several mechanical grinding processes.

Made by hand: To give the final sharpness to the cutting edges a lot of experience and skill is required.

One of the most important working cycles: Adjusting and straightening the scissors. Only few people can master this “art”.

To guarantee the permanent high quality, each pair of JAGUAR scissors undergoes a thorough and extensive final check.

Post time: 05-16-2017