“Roll bending welding” line for HVAC fittings

CEMSA S.p.A. has recently produced a new welding machine model MRL AT — AFD — CL suitable for the automatic production of galvanized or aluminized pipes for conditioning systems, heating systems and exhaust pipes.
The machine can work with stainless steel sheet as well.
The system consists of different sections and the working of the sheet is foreseen to start from a coil of flat sheet.
The system foresees:

- a decoiler, where coils, whose width depends on the length of the pipes to be produced, can be placed;
- a straightening section;
- a cutting section, able to work on the length by means of a CN program for different diameters.

The cut pieces reach, through an aligning conveyor, the rolling-bending section, which is built in the welding machine.
The machine produces also tubes having a minimum length of 60 mm. Therefore it is foreseen a system, always CN controlled, that makes punching to obtain the holes that can allow the passage of the valve shaft, in case with these tube sections some interception devices of the working fluid have to be realised.
The productivity is very high: about 700-800 tubes 300 mm long are produced every hour, depending on the thickness and the features of the sheet.
We have available also models till 600 mm of length, for thickness of 0.5-0.7 mm, till 0.8 mm of galvanised or aluminized sheet.
As this system works with galvanised sheet, the welding machine is equipped with a system for the feeding and the distribution of the copper wire. The copper wire represents the contact between the electrode and the galvanized sheet and it can be excluded when the welding of stainless steel is foreseen.

Post time: 05-08-2017