textile machine bobbin

textile warp beam and textile machinery parts and textile machine bobbin
Barrel : As an extruded pipe of heat-treated aluminium, it has high strength and precision has excellent rigidity and durability
Welding : Welded with high precision using a MIG automatic welding method by ROBOT system
Because of dynamic balancing function, a good compatibility with Weaving Machinery is maintained even through high-speed rotation
Through hard anodizing coating treatment, corrosion and surface scratching are entirely prevented
Durability and precision are maintained even after several years utility
Quenching & Tempering(T-6) of flangs and barrels using the lastest heat treatment technology
Forged Flange made by our techically superior 4000Ton hydraulic screw firging press
precise machinning of flange and barrel using vertical CNC lathe machines
Completed welding by the most modern Automatic Welding System
Keeping up balancing dynamically measured by Digital Balancer
Anodizing treatment as protection against corrosion and damage
Extruded pipe of heat treated aluminium alloy, high
All our beams are guaranteed for one year;
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Post time: 05-05-2017