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http://www.mantelsdirect.com A step by step instructional video showing exactly how to install a wooden mantel surround, by Mantels Direct. We’ll walk you through everything, showing you that installation couldn’t be any easier!

For starters, carefully unpack your new wood mantel surround kit from the box. Place the top assembly, known as the breast, with the mantel shelf on the floor facing down. Unwrap the legs, and insert the pins into the holes. Twist the locks to secure the legs with the breasts.

Once you’ve attached the legs, turn the mantel over, and place it into position over the fireplace opening. Center this around, and draw an outline of the mantle on the top and sides of the wall. Remove the mantel and make a second set of lines 3/4s of an inch, inside the outline below the shelf, and 3/4s of an inch on either side of the legs. These lines will be used to mark the location of our mounting boards.

Then, secure the mounting boards into the wall by nailing or screwing each board into the wall. Once your mounting boards are secure, you’re ready to install your wood mantel.

When ready, place the mantel into position over the mounting boards, and secure them with number 8 penny finish nails. Inside scribe molding is used to cover up the gap between the mantel and the facing material. Line up the scribe molding, and secure it to the mantel leg with finishing nails, and you’re all set, it’s that easy!

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Post time: 04-08-2017