• Q: 1. Production of products of multiple minimum weight, maximum weight?

    A: Minimum 13g, maximum 93kg.

  • Q: 2. Can produce aluminum and stainless steel product?

    A: Yes.

  • Q: 3. The maximum diameter of what can be done?

    A: The theory can to 500mm in diameter.

  • Q: 4. The maximum length of the products can be how much?

    A: Theoretical lengths to 600mm.

  • Q: 5. Who is currently the biggest customers?

    A: Caterpillar.

  • Q: 6. Do you use any heating?

    A: Medium frequency induction furnace.

  • Q: 7. Carburizing you do it?

    A: No, but we have designated outsourcing units.

  • Q: 8. Do you have the right to import and export it?

    A: Yse.

  • Q: 9. How many employees the company now?

    A: About 130 people.

  • Q: 10.Raw materials mainly from where to buy?

    A: Shijiazhuang Steel, Huai Steel, Nanjing Steel, Xingcheng, Daye.

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